Meet Our Clients

We helped this wonderful family of five find their dream home!

The buyer journey is quite complex, and looks different for each and every family searching for their dream home. Having an advocate by your side throughout the process is a key aspect to ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible. Our team is fortunate to provide this for all of our clients and here are more examples of successful home purchases!

Meet Mike and Andrew. Two friends who decided long ago to grow their personal wealth through investment properties, together. They owned a two family for nearly a decade in Chelsea and then used that equity to upgrade to a wonderful investment property in Salem, utilizing the benefits of a 1031 exchange. Here they are celebrating the beginning of their latest chapter in strengthening their investment portfolio.

Meet Balaji and Joohi! We first met at an open house I was hosting. That home wasn’t a fit but we stayed in touch. After some time went by, it was clear to me what they needed. They knew they weren’t going to have the time to handle a house that needed a lot of maintenance. They also knew they didn’t want to keep paying the high rents in Cambridge. We focused on new renovations where maintenance wouldn’t be an issue and they bought a gorgeous condo in nearby Arlington. Arlington’s market was incredibly competitive but they weren’t discouraged and we eventually got a great deal.

This photo was from closing day with Krishna! Krishna made his first home purchase with family members in 2016 and after a few years went by, it was time for him to buy a house on his own. Krishna’s budget was tight but after a long search we were able to secure a single family home in Waltham that fit his needs. 

Meet Chris! He had always rented as an adult, and often with roommates. Chris was ready to find a place for himself and start creating his own equity instead of paying a landlord’s mortgage. Chris didn’t have too many “wants” but was fond of his time on the West coast where he lived close to the ocean and didn’t have time for a “fixer upper”.. We found this gorgeous new renovation, with parking (!) in Salem where Chris is a short walk to the exciting downtown Salem and a fantastic beach!  

Meet Sam and Catherine! They lived in a fantastic condo in the City but as they had plans to grow their family, they needed a home that would better fit their needs. After selling their City condo, they were able to buy an awesome single family house in the suburbs for LESS than what they sold their condo for! Now THAT’S good planning.

Meet Bob and Kathy! They lived in Medford in a home that Bob had spent most of his life in. The time had come to say goodbye to that home and find a new home that would require less maintenance and provide a lifestyle that suited them better. We helped Bob and Kathy sell their Medford home for a great price and then purchase this fantastic new construction home in Holliston! It was an honor to be a part of the closing of one chapter and the start of another.

Meet Christine and Michael. They were renters living the City life in a tiny tiny Somerville apartment. They decided it was time for more space and time to stop paying their landlord’s mortgage. They wanted more space, to be close to the Fellsway Reservation and have access to public transportation. They were 1 of 12 (!!!) people who made an offer on this Wakefield home (it’s really nice). And guess what? They got it! We’re so excited to see them grow into their home.

Meet Mark and Melissa! They bought a home in Woburn a few years ago. It was nice and new and perfect for them and where they were in their lives. Fast forward a few years, and a couple kids later, and it no longer fit their needs. With two kids and a dog, the idea of selling without having a place to go was too scary of a scenario. In this market, it’s tricky to buy when you need to sell the home you own to do it. It’s even harder when you haven’t yet listed your home for sale! They knew the risks and the difficulty, adjusted their expectations, and they pulled it off! They got a great deal on a new home and made a great profit on the sale on their home! We are so excited to have been a part of this process and for them to start their new chapter in the new home!

Meet Craig and Stacey! They bought a Wilmington home a few years ago. It needed some TLC and, boy, they provided it. They transformed a house with good bones into a beautiful home with good bones. Ultimately, they felt the pull to return to their hometown of Medford. It’s tricky to sell and buy in this market. It wasn’t easy but they pulled it off! The sold their house for nearly 30% more than they paid for it (just 2.5 years ago), while also buying a fantastic home in a spectacular Medford neighborhood at the same time! We couldn’t be happier for them. 

Meet Anushka and Chiraag! They were sick of renting and ready to find their own home for themselves and their baby boy Raj, aka Shredder. We happened to see a home on the morning of New Years Eve and they had an accepted offer on that home before the ball dropped that night in Times Square. A few months later, the Spring market hit and they realized their ability to stay focused on their home search during the busy winter months resulted in a great deal!

Meet Christie and Zach! After living in Cambridge and enjoying its conveniences, they wanted to enjoy the benefits of home ownership as well as those City conveniences, just without the Cambridge prices. They found that balance in Dorchester where they could walk to the red line T, coffee shops and restaurants but for a fraction of the cost when compared to Cambridge. 

Meet Mike and Marissa! These newly weds were ready to buy a home together. It was important to find a location that didn’t place them too far from their families, and from their work. After weighing a bunch of different towns, they found that Dedham worked for them best. They were able to find a single family that they could grow into and put down some strong roots. It also happened to be in the neighborhood Tom grew up in! How about that? 

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